Thursday, June 27, 2019

For All

Thank You for Your words to us today,
Thank You, for points of insight I have gleaned
Thank you for Your cross, O Lord;
For gifts of trust, and of waiting,
And of the great gift of Your salvation.

For all, I lift up Your holy name,
For all, I praise You, O Lord, my God,
For you are deep within my heart!

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Season

Often, it seems, that evil reigns.
We’ll go through a season of brokenness,
Do not despair, for the Lord surely reigns.
Open your heart, for He‘ll yet send
A season for restoration.

In deserts, chasing mirages,
And encountering delusions;
When your heart is closed, you can’t see the truth.
So, you’ll remain in your desert
  Until you’ll seek after the Lord

When you seek more than a season,
If you’ll open your heart and invite Him,
He will dwell within, and will guide your path.
For God is kind, and He’s loving;
His mercy endures forever.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Act - Reflect

We need the pattern and rhythm
Of action and of reflection.
We need to be in God’s presence—
It’s essential for life itself.

Never forget the wonderment—
We’re chosen for greater service
Than merely surviving entails.
We’ve been chosen to do God’s work!

Action for another’s welfare,
Is but “action” if it not be
For God’s holy glory alone.
Reflect on your motivation.

If you’ve done all for God’s glory,
If you feel God’s holy presence,
Actions taken for others are
Blessings given for you as well.

Although We Have Trials

Although we have trials,
Remember your hope
Your blessings are promised,
O Father, our Savior

Deliver us, Lord,
Whatever YOU wish
Will come to pass,
(In spite of, or with us.)

Your Gospel story
Will ever be told
(By us – or another.)
Help us to tell others.

When we’re in need,
Or when we have plenty,
Let not our great wealth
Keep us from You,

Friday, April 26, 2019


Sometimes “age” arrives alone,
Without maturity.
Be not selfish – be mature –
Be a help to other souls
Who may have need of you.

Let God’s light shine from within,
Do not allow your eyes
To build a wall from others.
Reflecting God’s own glory
Would be a “better way.”

Only God can hold your doubts
And your faith together.
Allow His strength to help you
Whenever you’re in trouble,
Be assured of His love!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Help, Lord

Within each prayer is the possibility
Of coming face-to-face with God, the Lord
Within each life we can see, if we but look,
The face of the glory of our God.

When we come face-to-face with our fears on earth
We see the bitter needs of our past
We must not resist our Lord’s amazing light,
Luring us away from our evil.

The Lord grants us His strength as He blesses us.
His love calls us in as His people.
He gives us peace, not as the world would grant it.
God’s peace is deep, and everlasting.

Monday, February 18, 2019

As Jesus

As Jesus gave Himself – completely,
Neither stinting, nor holding back,
So too are we to live our lives.
We share in the ministry of Christ
When we give ourselves to others
In their time of pain, of sorrows.

He taught as one with authority     *
Duh! He had the authority!
For He Himself was the Lord God.
We too can teach with authority,
For He gave us His commission
To teach the world of His good news.     **

*Mark 1:2

Friday, February 1, 2019

By His Choice

By His choice, before I was born,
He set me apart to honor His name.
Here I sit, writing poetry
To honor God in every word.
I’ve been blessed, to be a blessing

By His choice, Jesus lives in me,
Fragile, and easily crushed though I am.
As His “clay pot;” shaped by His love,
Although am weak, He chose me
To tell His story to others.

By His choice, I will trust in God
Within the everyday moments of life.
By name, I may be called “Christian;”
It is His choice that I love Him.
But, does that reflect my actions?

I thank my God with all my heart.
By His choice, I’m called to personal faith.
My response will be my changed life.
I know real change starts inwardly,
But is confirmed by behaviors.

Therefore, by my choice, I will love. 
I’ll serve the Lord by living for others.
I know I can, for God promised.
That by His choice, He’ll dwell within.
I’ll love Him forever. Amen!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Do you truly trust that God is within you?
That He is waiting to work in you, and through you?
By working within, He will deepen your soul
From shallow wants to a deeper desire
For Him, and for His wishes.
By working through, he will embolden your vision
From shallow thoughts to an active desire
For Him, to do as He wishes

As God desires -- Ahhhh, to follow him!