Monday, May 25, 2015


Lord, let my thoughts and spoken words
Be richly flavored in Your love
And spiced with trust and thankfulness.
I know You’ve balanced me.

Without You, Lord, I’d not survive
Past that first hurdle of my day.
I’ll hold on tight, and trust that You
Will help to balance me.

We’re close enough for me to see
Just how Your actions show Your love;
How, with Your strength, Lord, I am strong,
And how You balance me.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Living Jesus

If I truly love Jesus,
     Personally, and passionately,
I will then live Jesus,
     Serve Him unobtrusively,
     Devote my time to Him
          Not merely to a "cause."
The real business of each saved soul
     Is to pray for one another;
     To serve, as Jesus served;
     To wash all the dirty feet,
     Of all the soiled souls--
          As Jesus would do.
Accepting "trouble" as one of God's tools
     Might just help me to learn,
     To develop a maturity of soul,
     A stronger faith,
     A more loving devotion
          To living Jesus.
Help me give my true self,
     My total self,
To loving,
     And living,

Monday, May 4, 2015


God comes, and meets with me
In sacred places
And in intimate spaces
Of my life.

The Lord of the Universe,
He who created ALL that I know,
He is the One who watches over me.
He is my Guard, and my Delight.

Do I really thank Him .. for everything?
For the huff and puff? For aches and pains?
For snows piled high, autumnal rains,
For scorching heat, or bitter cold?

But, if I thanked Him not, for these,
How could I praise the gentle breeze?
How could I thank Him for His Word,
For daily gifts of exceptional love
Abundantly given, plus more again?
Dear Lord, I thank You now!  Amen.