Sunday, September 21, 2014



Trust in God’s almighty power
To save you from your evilness,
And open wide your heart, your soul;
Accepting love, His peace, and joy,
For He delights in you.

Conceive a life in terms of deeds
Of what you can achieve for Him.
Remember, then, the Source of life,
The Light that beckons all to come,
And follow, as He calls,

Don’t build a fence around His truth,
Proclaim for all the world to hear
What Jesus Christ has done for you.
Share His love, His peace, His joy,
Share your delight in Him.

Friday, September 12, 2014

(from Acts 14:22)

In this horrendous world in which we live,
Lord, please send Your beacon of sanity!
The Taliban, and Isis threaten us.
Officials, unable to bring us peace,
Respond with words of revengeful thinking.
The people of all nations need You, Lord!
Each individual--created by You--
In need of forgiveness, in need of love.
Help those of all nations come streaming through
The wide-open door of Your way, Your truth.
Use me, and help me see Your perspective,
And welcome them Home, with peace and Your love!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014



Christ took on our nature
To become our Savior.
He felt rejection’s pain
When friends deserted Him,
Then pain of crucifixion
Became joy of resurrection.

We take on His nature
When we help another;
When we, with peace and love,
Portray the Christ within.
The nature of obedience
Becomes joy in our redemption!