Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sitting On My Tongue

Sitting on my tongue --
how awkward,
how uncomfy,
how impossible!

My tongue will wag on
when it wants,
and where it wants,
however it wants.

Trying to tame it?
forget about it!

So -- what's the latest?
what's juicy,
what's scandalous?
I can hardly wait.

I can never gossip!
How could I.
I hear nothing,
laying on my ears.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Called to Pray

Lord, You have called me to pray
            For strength before the needs arrive;
            Before the thought of evil comes.
            At the first tiny, niggling nudge,
I am called to pray harder.

Lord, I have been called to pray
            For peace within this weary world;
            For those who let the evil live,
            Who seem to bask in doing wrong.
Lord, I am still called to pray.

Lord, You have called me to pray
            For love to flow towards evil hearts
            And cause those hardened hearts to melt
            That they, in turn, may start to change;

That they, too, be called to pray.