Wednesday, September 23, 2015


See all the works of the Lord all around us,
Become aware of what is to come.
Ask all your questions, then listen for answers,
Grapple with the mystery of grace.

Don’t let the world lull you to sleep again.
Raise your pulse-beat, return to your vision.
Don’t ever be gutted by your unbelief;
Allow love, and faith, to guide and to guard.

The world’s evil is spinning towards darkness;
Don’t let your soul to slip in the whirlwind.
Don’t sleep-walk through your life, but live it,
Allow God’s light to reveal Whose you are!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

If Only

If only I had known,
I would have clothed the homeless,
I would have given food, and drink.
I would have cared, O Lord!

If only I had known,
That it was You before me,
You, who stood so weak, so weary
I would have helped, O Lord!

If only I had known,
What You, O Lord, expected.
If only I had understood,
Then surely I’d obey!

But child, surely you knew,
For it’s written in My Word
That “When you help the least of these,

You’ve done it unto Me.”

Monday, September 7, 2015

Gift of Tears

Lord, I accept Your gift of tears,
For my heart is sorely troubled.
Now she is gone, and grief abounds.
You have told me just enough
That merely glimmers of Your light
Assure me of continued life
As it be lived, in Heaven.

Your gift of tears will wash away
The pain and agony of loss.
Feeling helpless, yet filled with hope,
The essence of my faith, Lord,
Is to recall You’re in control.
Assurance of continued love,
We’ll meet again in Heaven.