Saturday, April 30, 2016

In Balance

You calm me down when I’m upset;
You cheer me up when I’m downcast.
You keep me, Lord, in perfect balance.
When You are all and I am nil;
When I obey Your every wish,
Then, Lord, am I in perfect balance.

from Conversations With God, page 91

Your Church

May we, Your church,
Be a light into the darkness,
Be encouragement to others,
Be a guide into the Word.
But we, Your church,
Have become at one with darkness,
Need encouragement ourselves,
Need to delve into Your Word.
Lord, help Your church,
And renew in us our purpose;
In community to serve You,
To acknowledge You as Lord!

f\rom The Promise, page 164



I now have TWO new books out!

First, Conversations with God came out a couple of weeks ago ... available at Christian Faith Publishing, and on Amazon (for $16.95). I am very pleased indeed with this one!

Yesterday, The Promise, From Advent to Today came in the mail. This one will soon be available at Tate Publishing (for $14.95). It will also be on Amazon. I am indeed very pleased with this one as well!

BOTH books look great. I don't think I could be more pleased with either one!  

Please, check them out!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A New Story

Let’s tell a brand new story.
I’m all too familiar with the old,
The one where I betrayed you!
I recall the times I turned away,
Times I refused to listen.

Let’s shape a brand new story,
In which I’ll refuse to betray you!
With your help, I know we can,
For you, O Lord, can do anything--
If only I would listen!