Sunday, August 30, 2015

Go With Me

When I arise, and leave this space
Where we have been conversing, Lord,
May I not think it "duty done,"
And leave You here, but may I ask--
No, beg of You, to go with me
Through daily tasks 'till day is done.

As dark creeps in at end of day,
May darkness not sweep thoughts away
Of mercy, grace, and love for me.
You've kept me safe throughout the day;
Have proved Your power and Your might
Will now protect me through the night.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Keep Hope

Rays of hope to pierce the dark,
(The hatred of self, the pit of destruction,
The deepest depression we’re wallowing in).
I am with you there
In the darkest corner.

Look for Me .. Expect Me ..
I set My vision of Hope before you
To anchor your soul,
Keeping you sure, and steadfast
In the Hope that would not disappoint.

See My beam of Hope, and focus.
Rise out of despair, and reach.
Grasp My hand, I will pull you up…
Out, into the Light of My Day,
And I will walk with you.