Sunday, January 25, 2015

Like Abraham

(This poem was written in memory of Warren & Donna Pett, missionaries to Africa, and for their family here in Wisconsin.)

Like Abraham

When God told Abram to leave behind
His family, and his inheritance,
Abram immediately walked away.
God’s promise became his direction.
This wandering nomad continued
‘til God finally said: “Stop!
The Land of My Promise is Canaan.”

Disciples also were told to leave behind
Their family and their inheritance.
With emptied hands and only desire,
They walked away from all they had known.
Their identity changed from “fishermen,”
As they walked toward His Promise ..
Despite their not knowing their future.

Farmers of lands, Warren & Donna,
Were called to become missionaries.
Leaving all they knew in Wisconsin,
They tilled hearts and souls of God’s people.
They died there, in harness.
If they had known … they still would have gone.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Lord Remains

With each season of every soul:
Through winter's blight,
And spring's renewal,
Through summer's growth
And autumn's bloom,
The Lord remains constant.

As we progress throughout our life
We will begin
To realize
That Christ is ALL
We need, to live.
The Lord remains steadfast.

All through Life, our growing soul
Belongs to Him.
Although our sin
Has blackened us,
We learn to see
The Lord remains loving.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Second Chance

Second Chance

Thank You, Oh God of Second Chances.
It’s a brand new day, in a brand new year.
It’s a fresh new slate to write upon.
What, Oh Lord, will You say?

Will this be the year I obey You?
Will this be the day I remain with You?
Will this be the time I seek You, Lord,
To guide me through each day?

Oh Lord, I plead for this second chance
To become all that You wish me to be!
Only if You’re there beside me
Will this next chance be true.