Tuesday, February 24, 2015


What are you giving up for Lent?
Are you going on a diet?
or giving up just chocolates?

If I will fast, what form to take"
to "give it up?" -- or to renew
another view to living?

Ash Wednesday really means much more
than merely ashes on my brow,
and walking with downcast eyes.

Lent, a time to examine self,
to read, and meditate God's Word,
time to repent, and to pray.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Picture This

Picture this --
A loving father, slowly pacing,
Patting the babe in his arms,
Attempting to console.
“There, there, my child, I have you.
You are safe here.”
Sobbing slows, the weary head falls
To nestle, gently,
In the crook of Love’s arms,
Beneath the jaw line of Safety.

Picture this --
A loving father, slowly pacing,
Watching his children at play,
Watching playfulness turn to anger.
“Oh, no, my children! Turn away!
Return home again.”
They choose not to hear. His wearied gaze remains,
Love’s arms reach out in entreaty..
“Repent! Return to Safety.”

Picture this --
The loving father, slowly pacing,
Watching the clock. The child had called!
“I’m coming home, Dad.
I’m sorry. Please, wait for me?”
The moment of arrival, Love’s arms reach out,
Enfolding errant child, safely home.
Tears coursing down each one’s cheeks
Cleansing all past sorrows,
Forgiveness soaking in.

Now, picture this--
Father, child. Reconnected!
Love reached out --
To you, His beloved child,
Resting weary head between His shoulders
You are held safely in His arms,
Once again.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Flood My Heart

Flood my heart with light, O Lord,
Shed light into my future.
For all who will believe in You,
You've promised life eternal.

Flood my heart with love, O Lord,
And help me love all others;
My brothers and my sisters, Lord,
For they are of Your family.

Flood my heart with hope, O Lord,
For in this world of evil
We need the hope of life with You,
A hope of life eternal.

Flood my heart with You, O Lord,
And help me aim my focus
On You, the Father of us all,
And ask for holy guidance.

Flood my heart again, O Lord,
For I forget Your mercy.
Flood hope, and love, and light into
My heart ... and through my being.