Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Because I Love You

Because I love You, Lord,
I would be so happy
In a very small corner
Of heaven.
I’d not need a “great reward,”
Therefore I don’t see a need
For me to be persecuted.
But, Lord, if one does enter my world,
And their choice is to persecute me,
Because of You,
May I not back down.
May I never deny You.;
Not because of any “great reward,”
But because I love You!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fill, Fulfill, Refill

Lord, when doubts assail me,
You are more than enough.
Your love fills all my gaps,
All fissures deep within.
Lord, you fulfill my life.
You give my life purpose,
You give me direction
Of how to serve others.
When I give of myself,
Out of the love You gave,
I’ll never be “empty,”
For you refill my heart.

Monday, November 14, 2016

At the World's Bedside

At the world’s bedside, we sing vigil.
We sit, clutching the closeness of worship;
A fleeting stretch of moments where we
Pit the dark and dread of other times
Against Christian faith, and our vigil.

Needing God is key to our knowing;
Which, then, is key to living the Lord.
The testimony of God will change
How we respond to mercy, and love.
Our joys overflow in God’s presence.

At the world’s bedside we sing “Glory!”
We’ll sing, “Allelujah for mercy”
As we obey the Spirit of Christ,
Expectantly walking with Jesus,
Death is to be but an interlude
Of promise, leading to life with God.                                                                    

Friday, November 4, 2016

And Share My Faith

Help me to show how much I love,
Help me show my heart,
That you may see what I believe,
And share my faith through action.

May my “good deeds” then prove my love,
Bearing fruit for God.
May what I do reveal my heart,
And share my faith through action.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Everyday demands
May irritate and annoy me;
But if I face each crisis
With honor and dignity,
I prove my daily walk remains
With You, O my Lord.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Where Are the Blessings?

Where are the blessings I have missed
Because I refused to listen?
What treasures are beside the road
I did not travel with You?

You asked me, Lord, to walk with You
Along the road of suffering souls.
But, I refused, and I went off
By another way--alone.

What blessings could there be, O Lord,
Where life is always so unfair?

I’ll not need more; not as they do!
Lord, let them have my treasures.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another Expeience

I’ve had another experience;
Another I’m not too sure about.
I have a couple questions to ask;

Was this experience meant for me,
To help me to grow even closer?
Or, was it meant to make me useful,
For You, Lord, to use as example?

If You sent me this experience
In order that I might be useful,
Did outcome display needed changes?

Friday, September 2, 2016


Because of Your love, I will love.
Because of my love, I’ll obey.

I feel You by my side
When troubles come to call.
You guide me through the pains of life,
And hold me, lest I fall.
It wasn’t always thus.
For I ignored Your aid.
I wadded deeply into sin,
And stumbled on the way.

You came to where I lay,
A filthy, mucked-up life,
Held our Your hand, and pulled me up.
“My child,” You said. “My love.”
“How could You love,” I asked,
“when I’ve ignored You so?”
You held me close, and smiled at me.
“I died for you, you know.

So now my way is clear,
For You have shown the way.
You’ve taught me how to love You more,
You taught me to obey.
I’m more free than before.
You’ve brought me to Your light
When I am puzzled, or confused,
You show what’s wrong, what’s right.

Because of Your love, I will love.
Because of my love, I’ll obey.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bring Glory

May what I speak be filtered through Your grace;
May what I do show Your unfailing love.
May words and actions both satisfy Truth;
May mercy become my reason for life.
Not only hearing, but doing Your will
Allows Your Spirit to guide us through life.
All blessings of God are ours, forever,
More numerous than the sands on the beach.
To You alone be all glory, O Lord!
To You alone will we give accolades,
For You alone can claim to be worthy
And You, Lord, are faithfulness incarnate.
Because of Your faithfulness, truth, and love
It’s only fitting that we’d at least try
To live according to Your will, O Lord;
Through our minor struggles, bring You glory.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

With Grateful Hearts

With grateful hearts, we come, O Lord,
With praises on our lips.
When listening ears
Erase our fears,
We'll hear Your voice of calm.

Oh, may we sit with You awhile
To gain serenity
Before we go
Into the world
To live our inner dreams.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

End? Or Beginning?

Each “ending” is also a “beginning.”
Changing from old to the new grows our faith.
Clothed in His presence, to witness for Christ,
Brings His powerful mercy to others.

When something is ending, open your eyes.
Don’t be discouraged if you do not see.
Whatever your doubt, stand up to your fears;
When fears fall away, true faith can begin.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


When God said we should pray
For those who persecute us,
He did not explain.
He could not have meant
That we should bless them.

But, God said we should pray,
Ask Him to bless offenders.
OK, LORD, I’ll ask
That You bless them all!
But, must I mean it?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Talk With Him

Do we only pray when things go wrong?
When disturbances darken our soul?
We must learn to praise when things are right,
When questions rise,
When answers come,
When day begins,
When night’s begun.
Pray, without ceasing. Just--Talk with Him.

Walk in the way that Jesus once walked;
That must be the way He lives in you.
He often went out alone to pray,
Never for show
But from His love.
Always from grace
That He provides,
Pray, without ending. Just--Talk with Him.

We’re not here to prove God answers prayer,
(He may not answer as we desire.)
We’re to be living pictures of grace.
God answers prayer
By helping us
Be in complete
Oneness with God!
Pray, unceasingly--Talk with Him.

               from The Promise, from Advent to Today

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Will Continue

“Blessed is the nation
 Whose God is the Lord.”
In but a breath of time,
Our nation has gone
 From seeking freedom of religion
 To screams of freedom from religion!
We are no longer “One nation, under God.”
We are divided
 Between those who believe God
  And those who slam all Christians;
 Between those who have, but want more;
  And those who have not, and want what others work for;
 And those between these extremes.

I will not hide!
I believe in God, the Almighty!
I believe He has a purpose for all..
 Even for the “godless.”
I am not privy to His “Big Picture,”
 I am but one tiny speck
 In the far left corner, under a thorny rosebush.
But, I know my part.
I will continue to believe,
 To serve my Savior by serving others.
I will continue to believe,
 To pray for my nation to return “under God.”
I will continue to believe,
 And to understand,
 That God is always in control.

I -- Will -- Continue - To - Believe !

From The Promise (from Advent to Today), published by Tate Publishers (page. 222)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another Exciting Event

Another bit of excitement.. The youtube book trailer for the newest book, The Promise (from Advent to Today) is now available. I hope you enjoy viewing this one.
Many thanks!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Your Hand

Your hand, Lord, rests upon me,
To support and to maintain,
To love, encourage, and chastise.
However I may falter,
Your hand fulfills the promise
That I am not alone.

from Conversations With God, page 166

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Are You Insecure?

Are you feeling useless?
Are you insecure?
Do you feel unworthy,
Insignificant, or used up?
Do you allow these feelings
To rob you of God’s abundance?

Struggling with such doubts and questions,
Do you feel unlovable?
Do you ever ask yourself,
“How can God forgive me?
How can He use me for His purpose?”

God’s desire is for your good,
To bless you in your living.
Love itself defines His being.
He will never cease to love,
For that would be a lie.
He can not love you more,
Nor will He love you less
Than sending Christ, His only Son
To die on Calvary’s cross.

Based not upon your worthiness
But on His own, unchanging self,
He always offers hope, and peace.
And His unconditional love.
His unquenchable mercy
Will always be available.
So, be transformed by His Holy love,
For nothing else can take His place.

Build relationship with God
Within your heart, your soul.
Believe God’s Word, not your feelings
And be certain of His love.
Let your faith free you from doubts,
Then, be fruitful unto Him.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Excitement Here

Check it out ... Here’s a trailer for my book Conversations with God.
I thought it rather impressive. Hope you do as well.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

In Balance

You calm me down when I’m upset;
You cheer me up when I’m downcast.
You keep me, Lord, in perfect balance.
When You are all and I am nil;
When I obey Your every wish,
Then, Lord, am I in perfect balance.

from Conversations With God, page 91

Your Church

May we, Your church,
Be a light into the darkness,
Be encouragement to others,
Be a guide into the Word.
But we, Your church,
Have become at one with darkness,
Need encouragement ourselves,
Need to delve into Your Word.
Lord, help Your church,
And renew in us our purpose;
In community to serve You,
To acknowledge You as Lord!

f\rom The Promise, page 164



I now have TWO new books out!

First, Conversations with God came out a couple of weeks ago ... available at Christian Faith Publishing, and on Amazon (for $16.95). I am very pleased indeed with this one!

Yesterday, The Promise, From Advent to Today came in the mail. This one will soon be available at Tate Publishing (for $14.95). It will also be on Amazon. I am indeed very pleased with this one as well!

BOTH books look great. I don't think I could be more pleased with either one!  

Please, check them out!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A New Story

Let’s tell a brand new story.
I’m all too familiar with the old,
The one where I betrayed you!
I recall the times I turned away,
Times I refused to listen.

Let’s shape a brand new story,
In which I’ll refuse to betray you!
With your help, I know we can,
For you, O Lord, can do anything--
If only I would listen!

Friday, March 11, 2016


Forgiving from the heart
Is often hard to do.
It may be easy
To say, “I’m sorry,”
But, do you mean it?

When you mean to forgive,
The heart responds with love,
Which brightens faces,
Releases burdens,
Brings smiles to the world

Forgiveness impacts you.
You own heart is lighter.
The ulcer of hate
No longer remains
You’re set free to love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

At the End of the Road

At the end of the road stood the cross,
Yet Jesus continued His journey.
He would not be deterred,
Nor was He disheartened.
With courage, in love, He walked onward.

Through a storm, Jesus walked on water;
Grasped Peter when he cried out, “Save me!”
When we keep our focus
On Jesus as Savior,
Then He’ll willingly save each of us.

Don’t let any doubt or false prophets
Ever come between you and Jesus.
Neither sin nor your guilt
Can bring you redemption.
At the end of your road is His grace.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


It was an absolute gift
When You made me right with You.
Am I humble enough
To accept Your grace?
Or, do I complain
That I want even more?

When I see fears stalking me,
I know they’ll not really harm
If I cling to Your hand;
Keep my eyes on You.
Accepting Your ways,
Your Presence is promised.

I must control my own life,
Relinquishing all control.
In handing, freely, to God
False thoughts of control.
He offers guidance,
If I’ll but accept Him.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


“Amen” need not mean “I am done.”
“Amen” may be the beginning.
“Amen” may come at end of prayers,
Which then become time for actions.

“Amen, Amen, it shall be so…”
What is it I am “amen-ing”?
What action do You have for me
That I have not yet accomplished?