Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good Samaritans Still Exist

I wish to send up grateful praises to two Good Samaritans that paused in their day to give individual help to me in this ice-sleet storm we have been having.

The first Good Samaritan: He and his family saw I was unable to get up the hill and out of the Walmart parking lot yesterday. He suggested his wife drive me up to Walgreens, while he would take my car and meet us. It was tougher than even he thought, but he managed. He suggested I not attempt to drive home when he discovered I'd have to go up a couple bigger hills to get home. His wife waited at Walgreens, while he (with his three children in the back seat) drove me home. He had to then return to Walgreens, then drive past our area (the opposite side of town) again to go home.

The second Good Samaritan: I had called the cab company last night to request a pick-up this morning. Asked him to please wait to be sure I'd be able to get into the car. He did me one better. He helped me scrape all window areas. We both were surprised the car started immediately. However, the one side had been plowed in rather thoroughly. He insisted it would be "no bother" to go home, get his shovel, and dig me out ... which he then did. This added another total of about 30 minutes to the "quick fare". (The plow had done a wonderful job, jamming ice chunks under the car as well as halfway up the tires.) When I attempted to give him something extra, he absolutely refused, and told me to "give it to the Food Pantry." He waited to be sure I'd been dug out enough to get out ... and even pushed the car out that last few feet.

Monday, December 7, 2015


Advent --- Prepare --- He is coming!

Come, magnify God with me!

Exalting His Name,

We’ll worship together,

Preparing the way of the Lord!

Advent --- Prepare --- He is coming!

Angels proclaiming His glory!

In Bethlehem’s scene,

He’s more than the babe.

He shines; He’s the Light of the world!

Advent --- Prepare --- He is coming!

He’s coming on clouds of glory!

Repent of your sins,

He’s coming --- again!

Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

Oh, come, let us worship together.

Come, and exalt Him with me.

He’ll grant us His grace,

‘til we meet face-to-face

And Oh, what a day that will be.