Friday, January 12, 2018

In Your Silence

Listen to God’s tune;
Seek Him in your silence;
Live in Holy Presence
Of Jesus, the Lord.

Sing all your praises
To God in your silence;
Passionate devotion,
Bedrock of your faith.

When you feel guilty,
Don’t try to pull away.
He aches to hold you close

In unending love.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


There are TWO new books out!  One, A Call to Arms, was out by December. The other book, Playing Gold's Music , was released shortly after the New year.  (Plus, look for yet another in the coming months, this one titled, Selah, Pause & Reflect). This is SO exciting!

I am thrilled with the treatment each book has received from their respective publisher! 

Please, check them out, via, and, I would LOVE ANYONE to write a review for Amazon on ANY of my books!  And, if you would, send me the review for my website. Many thanks, in advance.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Invaded by God’s Spirit

God’s Holy Spirit will appear
By invitation only.
Seek God’s will in all you do
And He’ll show which path to travel.

Invite God’s Spirit enter in,
Give Him all your heart and soul.
Invaded by God’s Spirit
Is the only way to travel!

This invasion of God’s Spirit
Provides   for the best of life.
He’ll permeate your  being,

Until you are with the Lord.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


During quiet times with You,
In our daily prayers,
When we read Your holy word
And in times of our worship,
Lord, You alone are our focus.

You alone, Holy Father,
As Master of all,
Deserve all of our worship,
Alone, with Holy Spirit,
And Your only begotten Son.

Daily will I honor You
In actions and prayers.
O Lord of all creation,
There are no words to describe

The pure joy I have inside me!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


What causes a plant to grow?
            The light of the sun,
            The warmth of the earth,
            The sweetness of rain.
“Mother Nature” in action.

What helps a Christian to grow?
            The light of “I AM,”
            The warmth of His love,
            The rains of blessings.

Father, Son, and Spirit.

Friday, October 20, 2017


See His love through blessings
            of shades and hues He’s painted
            Of rosy cheeks, and sun-kissed hair,
            The smiles of love, or tears of joy.
Just look, and count the blessings.

Smell the sweet aromas
            Of blessings He has given;
            The fresh-baked cookies, and the breads,
            The smell of flowers in sun-drenched fields.
Just smell, and count the blessings.

Taste the sweet and spicy,
            The tang that adds their flavor.
            The strong, the mild, and in-between
            Each adding zest to every life.
Just taste, and count the blessings.

Touch, and feel the blessings,
            The arms of love that hold you,
            The cold of winter’s snow and ice,
            The warmth of sun, and summer’s breeze.
Just feel, and count the blessings.

Hear the sounds of blessings.
            The orchestra that’s playing,
            The leaves that flutter in the breeze,
            The holy singing of the choir.
Just hear, and count the blessings.

These blessings of the Lord
Are given to each person.
            Sometimes a circumstance removes
            A sense, but others will remain,

So smile, and count your blessings!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Shout Joy

Shout out, in JOY to God!
Sing out our praises, for ever.
Bring in His sheaves of glory,
The harvest of His name.
Each must respond, each must repent;
Each one must sing his own lament.
Each one must sing their song of love,
Joy in Him, who from His mountain home,

Reached down, to free us all.