Monday, June 27, 2016

Talk With Him

Do we only pray when things go wrong?
When disturbances darken our soul?
We must learn to praise when things are right,
When questions rise,
When answers come,
When day begins,
When night’s begun.
Pray, without ceasing. Just--Talk with Him.

Walk in the way that Jesus once walked;
That must be the way He lives in you.
He often went out alone to pray,
Never for show
But from His love.
Always from grace
That He provides,
Pray, without ending. Just--Talk with Him.

We’re not here to prove God answers prayer,
(He may not answer as we desire.)
We’re to be living pictures of grace.
God answers prayer
By helping us
Be in complete
Oneness with God!
Pray, unceasingly--Talk with Him.

               from The Promise, from Advent to Today

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Will Continue

“Blessed is the nation
 Whose God is the Lord.”
In but a breath of time,
Our nation has gone
 From seeking freedom of religion
 To screams of freedom from religion!
We are no longer “One nation, under God.”
We are divided
 Between those who believe God
  And those who slam all Christians;
 Between those who have, but want more;
  And those who have not, and want what others work for;
 And those between these extremes.

I will not hide!
I believe in God, the Almighty!
I believe He has a purpose for all..
 Even for the “godless.”
I am not privy to His “Big Picture,”
 I am but one tiny speck
 In the far left corner, under a thorny rosebush.
But, I know my part.
I will continue to believe,
 To serve my Savior by serving others.
I will continue to believe,
 To pray for my nation to return “under God.”
I will continue to believe,
 And to understand,
 That God is always in control.

I -- Will -- Continue - To - Believe !

From The Promise (from Advent to Today), published by Tate Publishers (page. 222)