Thursday, April 23, 2015

In Heaven

In God’s own Heaven, we will find
No death, no pain or crying,
No tears, no fears of dying,
No scorching heat, nor freezing cold;
All hardships of the earth are gone,
And only glory of the Lord

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter .. He LIVES!

He Lives!

The Heartbeat of Eternity,
The Light that beckoned all to come,
The Breath of Life --- He lay upon
     That Cross.

No time for pain, for gloom or doom,
Was given those who mourned His death.
When Mary came, that early morn,
She found that Christ was not within
     The Tomb.

Bewildered, yet with wonderment,
She shouted out to all around,
"The tomb is empty! He is not there!"
As Jesus Christ had Prophesied:
     He Rose!

And we, as heirs of Easter morn,
Alike, may shout to those around:
"The Son of Man --- the Son of God ---
Our Savior, He who bore our sins,
     He LIVES!"

Friday, April 3, 2015


O Lord,
Why did You forsake Him?
Why did You turn away?
What must one do
       To gain Your attention,
O God of the Universe?

O Lord,
How could You watch?
He, Your beloved Son,
In agony, hanging by a nail,
     And crying out to You,
O God of Compassion.

O Lord,
You could have removed
All His pain, all suffering!
But then, a "performance"
     Would never suffice,
O God of Forgiveness.

O Lord,
You cleansed me of sin
By this holy sacrificing
Of the "Heart of Your heart"
      And Spirit of Life,
O God of my Love.

O Lord,
Why did I forsake You?
Why did I turn away?
Whatever must You do
     To gain my attention,
O God of the Cross?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

Oh, where am I in this story
Through His life to His betrayal,
Crucifixion to His burial,
And on to His Resurrection?

Do I stand with the Pharisees,
And Judas, willing to betray;
With Peter, willing to deny;
With disciples, ready to run;
With those who mocked, or ignored You?

With John, who saw Your agony,
Prepared to comfort Your mother;
With Mary, who went to the tomb,
Willing .. Nay, EAGER .. To serve You?
How have I proved I believe You?
What, O Lord, would You have me do?