Friday, November 27, 2015


So thankful for these precious people in my life!  My mother, and my son, my husband, brother & his wife, my sisters, along with many nieces and nephews, plus countless friends have enriched my life so very much, and I thank God for each and every one of them!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Are We A Praying Church?

Are we a praying church?

Do we commit to prayers?

Are we actually prepared to pray

Until our answer comes?

Would we recognize the answer?

Do we merely beg You for ourselves?

Do we wring our hands in terror

In this wicked world of ours?

Are we truly Yours, O Lord,

Will we wait, in prayer, for you?

Do we really look to You for help?

Are we a praying church?

Drop Your heavenly fire, O Lord,

On us, that we may serve;

That enemies might learn of You

And thus be friends of Christ.

They may remain unknown to us,

But you know ALL, O God.

How might I serve Your word for peace?

Are we a praying church?

I know there’s more than illness,

More to pray for than just this,

So may our prayers contain our thanks,

May praying serve to pray our praise!

Lord, may THY will be done,

No matter what our thoughts!

May we rejoice in misery

As we think only of You!

May we not think of ourselves,

But live only for the Master.

May we become a praying church;

May prayers become our habit!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Faith-filled Friend

Thank You, Lord,

For each and every faith-filled friend,

Those who supported and encouraged me

When most I needed it

In my walk towards You.

I was seeking a firmer,

A more steadfast faith;

A further knowledge of You, yes,

But even more

I sought a closer, more intimate love

Of You.

Each friend of faith drew me closer to You,

And closer still.

Now, in my older years,

My stronger-in-my-fragility years,

I find a yearning, Lord.

I want to BE such a companion,

A faith-filled friend;

One who is placed in situations

Where I will be able--

Where I am “allowed:--

To help another in their journey.

May I support and encourage them

As they seek to discover

A further knowledge of You, yes,

But even more,

As they seek to grow in intimate love

Of You.